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3-D Hi-Resolution Technology Pulse Oximeter with Advanced Pattern Detection
Simple Solutions. Advanced Analysis. Oximetry Analysis and Reporting Software
The BEST Data
Where most "High-Resolution" pulse oximeters incorporate a high sampling rate, Patient Safety's 3-D High-Resolution technology incorporates a high sampling rate plus two other key elements, which set the SleepSat apart from any other pulse oximeter on the market.
Stop missing patients with inadequate data.
Convert them to therapy. Capture revenue.
The BEST Analytics
SatScreen's oximetry reporting applies advanced analytics to the best data available.
SatScreen focuses on pattern-detection, making it possible to report on milder events, airway instability, and autonomic disturbance.
Further, the unique dashboard report provides a visual aid to facilitate conversations with patients. 
Identify OAT candidates. Identify PAP candidates. Identify specialist referrals.
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  • 1-second Sampling Rate

  • Detailed 0.1% Signal Resolution

  • Shorter Averaging Time

  • 60-70 hr (Multi-Night) Data Storage

  • Rechargeable: Use Up to 20 hrs 

  • Apnea / Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome Screening

  • Identify Therapy Candidates

  • Objective Pre vs. Post-Treatment Monitoring

  • Results in Minutes

  • Reports and data stored in the cloud

SleepSat 3-D Hi-Res technology uses a high sampling rate, precise signal resolution, and short averaging times unlike any other traditional or high-resolution oximeter on the market. Combined, these three dimensions enable enhanced reporting on SpO2 patterns found in subtle and complex forms of sleep-disordered breathing.

SatScreen uses high-resolution oximetry data to provide Health Care Providers with detailed reports for screening sleep-related breathing disorders.

Within minutes, you will see test results in an informative, easy-to-read report.




The ADA recommends that all dentists screen for sleep apnea.  Questionnaires alone don't convert patients to diagnostics or therapy. Objective nocturnal oximetry converts patients by helping them visualize their sleep-disordered breathing events.  A recent study shows that utilizing SatScreen can achieve optimal OAT titration.



Many patients with sleep apnea have overlap conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and atrial-fibrillation. Screen your patients with objective data to determine if they need a diagnostic study.  There is a high incidence of sleep apnea in these populations.  SleepSat can help.



Manage high-risk peri-operative and CHF patients by gathering objective ODI and RDI data.  Many studies have shown that interventions can lower recidivism (CHF) and identify patients likely to have post-op complications secondary to sleep apnea.



Sleep related breathing disorders have been linked to chronic disease. Treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) improves factors related to diabetes and reduces cardiovascular risk.


Exceptional SpO2 Analysis
SatScreen capitalizes on the SleepSat's unique 3-D hi-resolution technology to provide accurate, precise results relating to subtle and/or complex forms of sleep disordered breathing.
Results in Minutes
Use the SatScreen Connection Center desktop app to download oximeter data from your device. Within minutes, you will receive a detailed statistical report in PDF format.
Secure Web Access
Use the HIPAA-compliant SatCloud portal to access archived SatScreen reports anywhere you have internet access.
SleepSat Compatibility
SatScreen is compatible with the SleepSat, a wristwatch-sized high-resolution pulse oximeter featuring high capacity, high-resolution memory. In addition to a 0.1% signal resolution and 1-second sampling intervals, the SleepSat can store up to six nights' worth of data without download and features a rechargeable battery with 20-hour battery life.​
Oximetry Analysis Software



June 26, 2022

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More Americans have a dentist than a primary care physician. Because dentists are the frontline healthcare providers for so many people, it is essential that all of their patients be screened for sleep apnea and oral cancer.

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April 6, 2021

Risk Alerting, Patient Progress Updates and More in the SatCloud Portal

New updates to the SatCloud Portal are here. Assess risk quickly and track progress with all-new features  

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July 2, 2021

What is it?
Why does it matter?

See the new video on cycling time and cycling severity. Find this and more in our new How-To video series. 

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