Easier testing.
More insight into your results.
Give your patients the best care at an affordable price. 
We work every day to provide you with simplistic, non-invasive screening tools using top notch analytics.
Patient Safety, Inc.

Simple Solutions.

Advanced Analysis.

We currently live in a society where a patient walks into a doctor's office and walks out with a barrage of orders for lab work and diagnostic tests, and the tedium of this healthcare model has begun to necessitate a shift from "the more, the better" frame of mind to a value-based care model.

At Patient Safety, Inc. our driving goal is to advance technology to attain simplicity.


Patient Safety, Inc. - Doing more with less.

Our Commitment to Quality


Patient Safety, Inc. is committed to producing reliable, consistent, safe and effective medical devices that meet or exceed customer expectations. We strive to continually improve our products, services, and Quality Systems and meet applicable regulatory requirements.


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