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The "3-D" Difference

Most "High-Resolution" pulse oximeters make this claim based on the sampling rate. Patient Safety's 3-D High-Resolution technology incorporates faster sampling, more precise SpO2 signal resolution and better averaging times to set the SleepSat 3-D apart from any other wrist-worn pulse oximeter on the market.

Features of SleepSat:

- SpO2 Memory resolution 0.1%

- 1-second sampling rate

- Faster averaging time

- Up to 20 hours use on a single charge

- 70 hr storage capacity

- Lightweight and impact resistant

Powered by SatScreen Reporting

SatScreen software applies advanced analytics and pattern detection to the SleepSat's best-in-class data. SatScreen's pattern-based reports index ventilatory instability and baseline drifts in oxygen, which can help screen for UARS, Nocturnal Hypoventilation, Cheyne-Stokes, and OSA.

SleepSat data is analyzed within minutes and uploaded reports are accessible 24/7 through the SatCloud portal. With the SatCloud portal, you can examine trends over time and create multi-night comparison reports.

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